4 Bottle Cupcake Frosting Set

Extreme control for professional quality results. A multi-piece set that enables you to frost cookies, cupcakes, and other stuff like an expert.
4 Bottle Frosting Decor Set
4 Bottle Frosting Decor Set
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Look like a pro the next time you decorate cupcakes or cookies. This helpful, 4 Bottle Cupcake Frosting Set is easy-to-use, and it allows anyone to apply frosting like a professional baker. Spatulas and bags can be pretty messy, and without practice, they can make it difficult to achieve even and accurate results. The accordion-style bottles in this set will help anyone improve their performance while frosting because they maintain an even flow, and ensure more precision as you dispense. A selection of stainless steel tips are included to provide a wide variety of icing options, and because there are also four bottles, you can work with up to four colors at once.

The bottle design ensures comfort and efficiency as you frost. Tackle big jobs or small jobs with the same confidence thanks to this large set. A gentle squeeze is all that's required to squirt out frosting, and you can use one or two hands for added versatility. As you compact the accordion bottle, frosting will glide out evenly, and with little effort. Use one of the included metal tips to write words, decorate with dots, or add a border of flowers. Combine with any other standard size tips you have for endless pastry decor possibilities. The increased precision makes this set perfect for detail work on cakes, or adding designs to cupcakes and cookies, but with such a large capacity, you can easily decorate larger areas too. As an added bonus, the unique design also allows you to squeeze out nearly every drop, so little is wasted, and there is hardly any mess left over.

Product Features

  • 4 frosting bottles included.
  • Accordion-style for easy and accurate dispensing.
  • 4 Lids Included for easy storage.
  • 4 tips included. Compatible with all standard size tips.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Why This Product Is Good

Versatile Performance

With four different tips included, and a design that allows anyone to dispense frosting like a professional baker, this set is perfect for occasional or everyday use. Decorate stuff you bake at home, or use to enhance the look of stuff you buy at the store. Add your own writing to cakes, or make flowers and stars to improve ordinary cupcakes and cookies. The compact size and accordion design ensures that anyone can use it, and each bottle holds enough icing to handle most jobs without reloading.


Use almost no effort, and squeeze out frosting with incredible precision. Forget about messy and annoying bags, and don't worry about special skills or knowledge. These bottle are so easy-to-use that even a child can produce good results thanks to the bottle design, and interchangeable, stainless steel tips.

Professional Results

No one will be able to tell that you did it yourself! Apply frosting with an even, continuous flow, and use the tips to create flowers and borders just like the pros do. This inexpensive set is guaranteed to improve the look of anything you decorate.

Large Set

With four bottles included, you can easily work with multiple colors at once, and you can ensure that you won't run out before the job is done. The addition of four different tips allows you to create a range of patterns and decorations, and snap tight lids ensure that you can keep your frosting fresh when not in use, or save it for another day.

Easy Maintenance

Totally dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a breeze. Simply separate the parts, and place on the top rack.

Eliminate Waste

Other frosting dispenser options can be pretty wasteful. The pliable material and unique design of these bottles allow you to squeeze out every last bit with ease, and without making a mess to clean up later.

How To Use It

Anyone can use this 4 Bottle Cupcake Frosting Set to improve results or speed through the job. Follow the tips and instructions below to ensure proper function, and guarantee high quality results.
  1. Wash before first use, and always ensure that the bottles and nozzles are clean and dry before use.
  2. To ease the process of adding frosting to the bottles, heat it for a few seconds in the microwave first. This will thin it down to make it easy to place inside.
  3. Each bottle will sit upright on a flat surface, so position accordingly, then squeeze or pour to fill with frosting.
  4. Before adding the lid, choose one of the four metal tips, and secure in place by twisting tight the plastic ring. Pop on lid until ready for use.
  5. In most cases you will want to apply a base coat with a knife, and then use the bottles to add extra decorations and writing.
  6. To dispense, grab with your fingers at the top, and then press in with your thumb at the base to push out the icing. For a two handed method, use one hand on each side, and two thumbs in the back.
  7. Remove lid and leave separate for cleaning. Hand wash or place on top rack of dishwasher.
  8. For easy maintenance, wash before frosting hardens.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 4 Bottle Frosting Decor Set
Bottle Dimensions 2.25" x 2.25" x 5.25"
# Tips Included 4
# Bottles Included 4
Bottle Capacity 3.7 oz.
Bottle Material Clarified, food safe plastic.
Tip/Nozzle Material Stainless Steel.
BPA Free Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes - Top Rack
Lids Included Yes. Snap tight lids allow for storage.
Parts Included Includes four accordion style pastry bags, four metal tips, and four lids for storage.
Compatibility Use with any frosting or icing. Works with other standard size tips.
Uses Frost, write and decorate on baked goods. Icing dispenses easily, and the included metal tips allow for a variety of designs.
Shipping Weight .3 lbs

Easily squeeze out the perfect amount of frosting, and quickly create professional looking designs. This set provides everything needed for a wide range of decorations, and the accordion-style bottles make it easy to dispense with perfection. Perfect for small jobs like cupcakes or cookies. Reduce effort, improve accuracy, and eliminate frustration. Order Yours Today!

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