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12 Inch Swivel Mop Pro
12 Inch Swivel Mop Pro

12 Inch Swivel Mop Pro

A commercial grade microfiber mop featuring a flat swivel head and two washable cleaning pads.
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Incredible cleaning power combined with unmatched durability. This commercial grade microfiber mop features a flat, swivel head, and mostly metal construction. It's rated for use on any hard floor, and the advanced cleaning pads allow you to mop without the use of harsh chemicals. You can use your favorite floor cleaner, spray, or soap if you want to, but water alone will remove 99% of all dirt and germs on the floor. The head is made from lightweight aluminum for easy maneuverability, and the sturdy handle is made from steel, and it adjusts to the perfect length for any user. The looped pro pads that come in this set will deep clean flooring surfaces with little effort, and each one can be washed and reused hundreds of times. As an added bonus, you can even use this mop with your favorite cleaning cloth or drying towel in place of the pad. Simply wrap around, and secure with the circular holders at the top of the mop head.

Stop struggling with flimsy mops that don't work that well. This long-lasting tool will work like new, time and time again. The professional quality construction ensures effortless results, and a tool that won't wear out or break with regular use. Get it as an Eco-friendly alternative to the mop you're using now, or get it to make cleaning any room easier. The compact size of the head combines with the 360 swivel action to allow for easy cleaning in tight spaces, around corners, and in between obstacles. Because the advanced mop pad material does the cleaning for you, a simple gliding action is all that's required to mop any floor. Eliminate stressful scrubbing, and do away with the need for harsh chemical cleansers. Our Swivel Mop Pro is the perfect mop for any professional cleaner, but it's also ideal for any homeowner that wants to clean like one.

Product Features

  1. Swivels To Any Angle.
  2. Adjustable Stainless Steel Handle.
  3. Aluminum Flat Mop Head.
  4. Two Washable Pads Included.
  5. Adapts For Use With Any Cloth Or Towel.

Why It's Good

  • Professional Quality. Whether you are a pro, or just want to look like one, this mop is the perfect choice. With mostly metal construction, you never have to worry about parts that break or fall apart, and with commercial grade mopping pads, you'll get floors cleaner than ever, and you'll save time and effort while you do so.
  • Long-Lasting. Each pad can be washed and reused hundreds of times before replacement is necessary, and the aluminum head will withstand regular use without wearing out. Use on occasion and get guaranteed performance, or use everyday, and know that it will not wear, brake, or fail under constant use.
  • Use Without Pads. The mop pads that this tool comes with are pretty amazing. They'll clean and dust almost any type of hard floor with ease. You may need a more absorbent cloth, towel, or rag at some point, or you may want to use a certain cloth or material for a certain surface. The circular holders at the top of the mop head allow you to attach almost any cleaning cloth or drying towel to the mop for use instead of the mop pads.
  • Safe For All Floors. Completely safe, and totally effective on hardwood, linoleum, tile, cement, vinyl and more. With no chemicals necessary, and no abrasive materials used, you can clean with confidence on any hard floor.
  • Highly Effective. With just water alone as a detergent, this mop can clean and eliminate 99% of all dirt, dust and germs on your floor. A single pass will thoroughly clean the surface, so no scrubbing is necessary either. Combine with your favorite floor cleaner if you want to, or use without harsh chemicals as an Eco-friendly alternative to toxic mopping solutions.
  • Telescoping Pole. The steel handle is much more durable than most, and it's able to adjust to a range of lengths. Just loosen to lengthen, then twist tight to set to your preferred length. Anyone can select a comfortable size to suit their preference.
  • 360 Swivel Head. Easily clean in and around anything. The flat mop head maneuvers into any location with ease. Mop into tight corners, clean around the toilet, or wash floors without moving furniture. A low-profile design combines with the ability to rotate at any angle, and gives you the ability to quickly clean floors, no matter the shape or how much stuff is in the way.
  • Compact Size. Similar mops usually have a larger head. The 12 inch head on this mop is ideal for smaller spaces, or people that like to work with a smaller and lighter tool. No room will be too cramped to use this mop in, and no portion of the floor will go uncleaned when you use it.
  • Color Coded. Each mop pad has four colored loops on one side, and a single white loop on the other side. The white loop is there to make pulling the pad off the head easy. The other tags are there so you can mark pads for use with certain cleaners, or on certain floors. Just remove all but one, and you'll always know the blue one is for bathrooms, and the red one is for kitchens.

Replacement Pads

Each pad is totally washable and reusable, but with regular use, you may need replacements in the future. To get direct replacements for the pads included in this set, check out our 12 Inch Pro Looped Mop Pads.

How To Use It

  1. To prepare for use, make sure the head is connected to the pole, and the pole is extended to the proper length.
  2. The pads that come in this set are intended for wet use. Other pads can be purchased separately for dry use and dust mopping.
  3. Get the pad ready for cleaning by wetting it under the faucet, then wring until no longer dripping. You can also use floor cleaners and other sprays if you want to.
  4. Secure a mop pad to the head by pressing it in place.
  5. To use a cloth or towel instead of the pad, wrap it around the head so that the corners meet at the top. Press the corners into the circular holders on the mop head to secure the cloth or towel in place.
  6. To mop, just glide back-and-forth. Start at one side of the floor, and move methodically to the other side to avoid missing any spots.
  7. Re-wet pad when necessary. Rinse to remove excess dirt while mopping to keep going.
  8. Machine wash and dry pads when finished. Reuse over and over.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Commercial Grade Mop Set
Mop Head Dimensions 12" x 4"
Pole Length 34" - 59"
Pad Size 5" x 12"
Pad Material Premium Microfiber
Pole Material Stainless Steel
Mop Head Material Aluminum
Compatibility Safe for use on any floor.
Pads Included 2
Swivel Head Yes.
Washable Yes. Pads are machine washable hundreds of times. - Replacement Pads
Telescoping Pole Yes. Adjust to your preferred length.
Cloth Holders Yes. Added circular holders at the top of the head so you can secure any cloth or towel to the mop head for use instead of the pad.
Uses One of the best ways to mop your floors.
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

A fast and effective way to mop your floors. This pro-grade set will have your floors looking better than ever, but it won't require increased effort by you. Get your floors cleaner than ever, and do it with or without harsh chemicals. Order Yours Today!

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