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Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth

Lens Cleaning Cloth
5 STARS Excellent product and also nice looking.
Reviewed by: J Self Review Date: 11/16/2013
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Fine Product
5 STARS Fine product at a great price! I use these cloths for expensive camera lenses. They did leave lint on the lenses when new. But then I hand-washed the microfiber cloths and draped them on clean newspaper to dry for a couple days. After that initial washing they work perfectly and leave no lint. And these cloths are absorbent, unlike those other silky-like microfiber cloths. These are the good ones, and they'll last a long time. :)
Reviewed by: James C. Review Date: 6/12/2013
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5 STARS I gave these as Christmas gifts - in an origami pocket I constructed - easy/cheap to mail - the friends and family that rec'd them - LOVED them! And right away put them to use on phones, ipads, computer screens, eyeglasses. Great value! - Reusable THANK YOU
Reviewed by: cal Review Date: 12/26/2013
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Simply Good Stuff
5 STARS Things got a little confused with the order but was able to clear things up no problem and everything turned into simply good stuff... I would shop there again no problem.. Lens Cleaning Cloth perfect.
Reviewed by: Patrick Review Date: 7/14/2014
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you can never have enough of these
5 STARS with the new coated lenses it is more complicated than ever to keep glasses clean. these cleaning cloths work great and buying them by the dozen at a good price is the perfect way to be sure you have one when you need one.. and they make very thoughtful gifts.
Reviewed by: ronald klein Review Date: 5/27/2014
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5 STARS Received microfiber lens cleaning cloths very speedily. They really do a great job on lenses of glasses. Would purchase again.
Reviewed by: Ruby Review Date: 5/26/2014
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Microfiber Lens Cloth
5 STARS Best I have found to clean eyeglasses without streaks or smuges. Great value.
Reviewed by: Demmer Review Date: 2/3/2013
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eyeglass cloths
5 STARS My doctor sold me cloths like these and he charged me 6 dollars for 1 cloth and a bottle of spray, I don't need spray with these cloths just wipe my glasses and go.
Reviewed by: Bernie Review Date: 2/15/2015
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GREAT Prduct
5 STARS I have used this for MORE than what they suggest !!! I rely on this for my LCD TV, Computer screen & IPAD, for none scratch cleaning between regular cleanings. I will order more !!! YOU SHOULD !!!
Reviewed by: Lance Rivers Review Date: 4/5/2013
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Clean fast
5 STARS These microfiber lens cloths are the easiest,fastest and best way I have found to clean my glasses.
Reviewed by: Grumpy Review Date: 4/4/2015
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Reviewed by: john pulte Review Date: 3/30/2015
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Got what I paid for.
4 STARS The lenses cleaners work great. Service was right on time. I would recommend this product and vendor.
Reviewed by: BillyBob369 Review Date: 1/27/2015
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Love it
5 STARS Perfect. Good quality.
Reviewed by: Karen Review Date: 11/27/2014
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Nice cloths!
5 STARS The cloths do a really nice job of cleaning my lenses, especially grease smears. Good sized and fit comfortably in a pants pocket.
Reviewed by: Felix Review Date: 11/1/2014
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Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
5 STARS I haven't had the cloths long, but have used them several times. They seem to work well. I have other ones, but these 8x8 pieces work better because of the size.
Reviewed by: Rick Review Date: 8/8/2014
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Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
5 STARS I love these for cleaning glasses. They're just the right size, clean real good and are not expensive.
Reviewed by: Teeter Review Date: 3/20/2017
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Great for cleaning eye glasses!!
5 STARS Best lens cleaner I have found! Wonderful company to deal with! Very impressed with their customer service.
Reviewed by: TheFudgeLady Review Date: 9/25/2016
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Microfiber lens cleaning cloth
5 STARS Microfiber lens cleaning cloth is a good product. i will order again.
Reviewed by: Brenda Review Date: 8/16/2016
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3 STARS I hand washed and machine washed the cloth several times now, still linty. At least one other cloth is needed to remove the lint. Cleans well except for the added effort.
Reviewed by: jjp Review Date: 6/14/2016
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Great Product
5 STARS I'm very pleased with this purchase! Thank you
Reviewed by: Bon Voyage Review Date: 3/31/2016
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Great Product
5 STARS I have used many products (clothes/sprays) to clean my glasses and this one is by far the BEST! I am a fanatic about getting my lenses clean. You don't need any type of liquid, just use the cloth. I have shared several of the glass cleaning clothes with friends and families. I'm certainly glad that I found them. These are superior to what I receive at the eye doctor's.
Reviewed by: BA Review Date: 3/26/2016
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Best Lens Cleaning Cloths
5 STARS I have used many types of cloths and liquids to clean my glasses. These cloths are the best I have ever found... Do an excellent job and can be washed and used again over and over... Thank Yoou!
Reviewed by: Bill Review Date: 3/10/2016
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5 STARS Big and thick enough to easily clean your glasses or lenses. The freebies from the optometrist are tiny and far too thin for thick or arthritic fingers, and a couple of these cloths around the house/office solve the issue simply and directly. No brainer, really.
Reviewed by: Glenn Review Date: 1/29/2016
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work very well
5 STARS They work very well and last forever.
Reviewed by: George Review Date: 10/12/2015
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5 STARS Love it. I order a dozen and hand them out to my glass wearing friends. They work wonders.
Reviewed by: Neen Review Date: 4/25/2015
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My Experience
5 STARS After the cloths were put my wash machine with other fabric and washed and dried as suggested by a person on the internet. When I fist used a cloth it removed ALL finger prints. I've used the cloths on my phone and pc monitor and they're perfect:)
Reviewed by: micro777 Review Date: 11/3/2014
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5 STARS Very soft cloth that does the job. Cleans glasses,watch crystals,I-Pod screens and much more and after you wash it its as good as new.Well worth the money. I purchased a couple for home,a couple for the office and one to carry with me.
Reviewed by: Lawman Review Date: 10/23/2014
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5 STARS Order arrived today. Thanks so much for keeping in touch. Lens cloths are wonderful and I'm pleased.
Reviewed by: Amy Review Date: 9/18/2014
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Excellent product & great price!!!
5 STARS EXACTLY what I needed! Great product and for a great price! Excellent quality!!
Reviewed by: Gina Review Date: 5/8/2014
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eyeglass cleaning cloth
5 STARS Love it!
Reviewed by: Patty Review Date: 4/23/2014
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No Scratching
5 STARS I finally found a cloth that helps in keeping our eye glasses clean without scratching the lenses.
Reviewed by: Paul Review Date: 4/15/2014
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Microfiber lens cleaning cloth
5 STARS Great product!
Reviewed by: John Troyer Review Date: 4/12/2014
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Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
5 STARS I LOVE them they are great. I just give a gentle rub on my lens and they are sparkling clean. Thanks a lot
Reviewed by: Debra Review Date: 4/5/2014
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Fabulous microfiber lens cleaning cloths
5 STARS Very, very good product. Cleans my eyeglasses better than the other specialized cloth that I was using. I have bought a total of 32 of these to give away as gifts. The only drawback was that the 10-pak didn't come individually wrapped, but all in one plastic bag. No biggie. Once I got mine out of the bag, I never put it back in anyway. It just would have been nicer to give them wrapped individually.
Reviewed by: Marianne Kuchta Review Date: 3/5/2014
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Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
5 STARS Processing time was quick. Great Price. The cloths are top quality and work really well. Very happy with this purchase
Reviewed by: Morgan Smith Review Date: 2/22/2014
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Will buy these again
4 STARS These lens cleaner cloths pretty much do what they say they will do. Very handy and much better than those little packets with a "wet" wipe in them.
Reviewed by: James Dennis Review Date: 1/26/2014
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Exactly as Advertised
5 STARS Great cleaning cloths for my glasses and my ebook reader. I really like these wipes.
Reviewed by: Gerald Review Date: 4/16/2013
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Just what I needed!
5 STARS Got tsome for cleaning my Cryzel lens in my eye glasses and find they are good for other glass surfaces, too. A great buy!
Reviewed by: Virginia Jones Review Date: 1/12/2013
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Gotta Luv It
5 STARS Ordered these to clean the screen on my IPad2. Works great and a real bargin. I ordered several so that I would have some to share. It stores great in the cover of my IPad.
Reviewed by: Texas Gal Review Date: 12/9/2012
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Great product and price
5 STARS I wear reading and/or Sunglasses constantly.Everytime I went to a Optical store, glass cleaning cloths were priced at around $5. I wasnt going to pay that price, as I go thru lots of them. I easily lose them or give away to friends and family. So, contacting your co. really benefited me. Im on a fixed income, but was ok with buying 10 at a time, cause of the price.Great stuff !! I havent had to wash them yet also after 2 months.
Reviewed by: Last Northwesterner Review Date: 10/25/2012
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Excellent Product
5 STARS Excellent Product and a great value. I bought 4 and keep one to clean computers, one for my eye glasses, one for the Nav system screen in the car and one in case I loose one.
Reviewed by: Walt Review Date: 10/11/2011
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These really work great.
5 STARS Really a great price compared to the optometrists. Large enough and really get the job done. I have oily skin and these work the best!
Reviewed by: wiz Review Date: 10/11/2011
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5 STARS Great for cleaning all lenses, using my last order for glasses, Ipod, touch phone, and computer screen. Definitely will order again when needed.
Reviewed by: amdo2n Review Date: 10/11/2011
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5 STARS Absolutely the best cloth I've found for cleaning the smudges which accumulate on the screens of my iPad and iPhone. It's soft, lightweight, and the perfect size to carry concealed under the cover of my iPad. They work great on my reading glasses also. I'm back buying more to share with my wife and friends.
Reviewed by: Gyropilot Review Date: 8/28/2011
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works beautifully!
5 STARS I bought this cloth to clean the screen of my ipod touch,,it works beautifully! Cleans the fingerprints off and leaves the screen sparkling!
Reviewed by: linmar Review Date: 5/5/2011
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The best for glasses
5 STARS I can't stand dirty glasses and I wear them for work and just to walk around. These cloths are the best hands down!
Reviewed by: bamafvr Review Date: 5/2/2011
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5 STARS These clothes are fantastic..i clean my 400 dollar glasses with these..i dont even use water just wipe them clean with the cloth..and for the price you won't find anything that even comes close..if your looking for a great cloth for cleaning glass these are it..try them you won't be sorry i guarantee it..
Reviewed by: Big Bob Review Date: 2/21/2011
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