Power Finish FAQ

What is Nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology, called "the newest science", is the study of miniaturization. It is the engineering of functional systems at the sub-molecular scale. The nano-structure has special properties due to the smallness of its components. These special properties improve performance.

How does Nano Power Finish Work?
The polymeric finishing particles are so small they penetrate and seal even the tiniest imperfections in any surface.

How long does it last?
Once dried, the tiny finishing particles have penetrated and bonded to the surface. There are no oils, waxes or solvents left on the surface to be deteriorated by the sun and wind, so the finish should last three to four times longer than what you are used to.

Is it safe?
These finishes are water borne, inert polymers. They contain none of the environmental hazards associated with petrochemical based waxes or polishes. This makes it safer for you and the environment.

How does it protect?
Nano Power Finish not only seals and bonds with the surface, penetrating up to 80%, compared to 20% average penetration for traditional waxes or polishes, it also adds protection. This versatile spray protects from ultra violet rays and the polymer particles are negatively charged, protecting against static elctricity, and actually repelling dust and dirt.

Are there other advantages?
Smooth sealed surfaces produce less friction. Nano Power Finish has the potential to increase fuel mileage, and improve acceleration, as it increases air flow over lifting surfaces or sails.

Does the finish shine?
Nano Power Finish enhances the appearance of a surface without changing its look. Bright shiny finishes, like cars, will shine more brightly and clearly. More matte finishes like furniture or cabinets, appear richer without unwanted shine.

The world's most advanced finish with nano-particles. Use on virtually any surface for the home, office and car. More info: Power Finish
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