Microfiber Multi Sponge

A Versatile Cleaning Tool. Ideal For Kitchen, Bath, Vehicle, Personal Care And More!
Multipurpose Microfiber Sponge
Multipurpose Microfiber Sponge
Versatile surface can be used wet or dry. Thick sponge offers extra absorbency.
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Product Description

This versatile cleaning tool is highly useful for a wide variety of jobs. Although it is just a sponge, it is far more advanced than the one you are using now due to the high quality microfiber cover. The interior is pretty similar to a traditional sponge, but the whole thing is coated in a multipurpose microfiber material that increases absorbency and cleaning power significantly. This allows it to dry surfaces faster, hold more cleaning solution, and remove stubborn grime without harming whatever you are working on. The same material that allows it to soak more moisture and remove more dirt will also polish the surface as you clean or dry it. Use it wet or dry depending upon the task being performed, add soap only if desired, and then use it in any number of locations. This multipurpose sponge works great for cleaning in the bathroom or kitchen, and can even be used as a bath sponge to deep clean your skin without being abrasive. Use outside to apply wax or polish to your car for a show room finish with less effort, or use it inside to wash or dry dishes faster, safer and more effectively. Because it is totally washable and reusable, you can clean and sanitize this durable tool over and over again before replacement is necessary.

Use this advanced sponge anywhere you would normally use a regular one. It will easily perform at the same level for all of those jobs, but it will save you time and frustration by making them easier and less time consuming, and it will save you money by lasting longer thanks to the durable material and high quality outer coating. Due to the extreme versatility, this amazing tool will also work for many jobs that others won't, and it will be safe for some surfaces that your regular sponge can't touch. Instead of an abrasive side for scrubbing power, and a spongy side for absorption, this one has cleaning power on all sides, along with a highly absorbent core. It will not deliver quite the level of scrubbing power as one of those green pads that ruin surfaces, but it will provide plenty of ability for most regular tasks. It will not feel rough to the touch, but it will gently scrub to lift and remove dirt from any surface without any risk of harm. Even though this sponge will clean tough dirt, it is safe to use on any delicate surface type, and will never scratch or leave any marks. When you clean a smooth and shiny area, it will eliminate all dirt to leave it polished and sparkling, and when you dry an area it will suck up moisture faster, and leave no spotting as it dries.

In the bathroom, this sponge works great to wipe down counters, clean mirrors, wash off glass shower doors, and more. You can use it to clean tub and tile, or you can use it to dry puddles after a bath. Beyond just cleaning the room, it can also be used for personal care as well. As a body sponge, it will hold tons of soap, and will work up a thick lather as you wash. The microfiber material will gently scrub your skin to completely clean and refresh, but also has the added benefit of exfoliating without being too abrasive, so your skin will be cleaner and more youthful looking when you wash with it.

Use it in the kitchen to wipe down your stove top after cooking and it will clean caked on food as it absorbs oily build up. Take to the sink to hand wash pots and pans without risk to expensive surfaces, and quickly clean non-stick pans and casserole dishes. When the dishes are done, it also works great to dry them off with a spot free finish, and wipe up and spills that occur as you wash. Outside the house, this advanced sponge is ideal for auto detailing, and makes a great wax or polish application pad. The superior surface material helps to clean as you polish, but will also let you achieve better results with less elbow grease involved. Before polishing, this sponge can also be a great help for getting it clean and ready. It can scrub off bugs and other dirtiness without damaging delicate paint jobs, and will hold more soap than regular sponges and rags. All of this combines to make it easier to clean your vehicle when you use this incredible tool.

Don't settle for a regular sponge when you can get this affordable alternative instead. It is an ideal replacement for any type you are using now, and will help to reduce effort while accomplishing the same tasks. It can be used almost anywhere for various cleaning and drying activities, and even works well as a body sponge for use on yourself. Machine wash it when it gets dirty, and use it over and over again. The microfiber cleaning and absorption power will last much longer than scrubby pads on typical sponges, so the usefulness of this tool will remain for a long and effective lifespan. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Multipurpose Microfiber Sponge
Dimensions 6.5" x 5"
Thickness 1.25"
Uses Clean, dry, wipe down, apply polish and more. A versatile cleaning tool that offers high absorbency, and powerful cleaning abilities.
Where To Use Bathroom, kitchen, vehicle, personal
Color Blue
Material Microfiber exterior with absorbent foam core.
Microfiber Type Multipurpose (terry) 80/20 blend
Absorbency Soaks 3-4 times more than a regular sponge
Compatibility Use wet or dry
Cleaning Surface Front and back
Machine Washable Yes - Machine wash, tumble dry low. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Microfiber Multi Sponge - A powerful cleaning tool that offers a wide range of uses. Wipe counters in your kitchen, wash or dry dishes in your sink, clean your shower door, or use as a personal sponge to wash your body. It even works well to apply wax when detailing your vehicle. Order Yours Today!

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