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Safe Slice Knife Guard

Avoid Accidents, Increase Speed, and Improve Accuracy. Get Professional Results Without Professional Ability.
Safe slice knife guard
Safe slice knife guard
Quickly and accurately cut any food without risk of injury.
Metal shield protects fingers while you chop veggies
Easily cut any food without risk of injury
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Product Description

If you have kids that like to cook, or if you are accident prone yourself, this device is a must have in your kitchen. Save your fingertips, cut food faster, and end up with better looking slices when you use this knife guard to improve safety and efficiency each time you cut by hand. Nobody wants to give up the pleasure of chopping by hand with an incredibly sharp knife, but few want to give up a digit either. This simple device helps you grip food and slice it accurately, but it also provides a protective barrier so nicks and cuts are pretty much impossible. The back side is made from a rubbery material that's similar to silicone, and the front portion is made from a thick and durable plastic. It flexes to fit any user with a secure grip, and you can easily open or close it to accommodate any type of fruit or vegetable. Added bumps create a non-slip surface to prevent food from moving while you slice it, and the design allows for use with right or left-handed orientation. Don't let another slip send you to the emergency room for stitches, and don't shy away from using cutlery like a pro. Keep this handy guard in your knife drawer and slip it on each time you prepare food to give yourself fool-proof protection that will also make the job easier.

Why It's Good

  • Simple. There's not much to it, but that's what makes it work so well. A clever, minimalist design ensures maximum compatibility and incredible ease-of-use.
  • Effective. Nearly impossible for it NOT to work, this thing is highly effective. Once in place, your whole hand will be shielded from danger so you will never have to worry about your knife slipping to cause an injury.
  • Flexible. It stretches to fit anyone's fingers and still provide a good fit, and it flexes to adapt to any size of food. Flexibility is key to why this gadget works so well.
  • Helpful. Cutting by hand can take forever, especially when you're scared. This guard eliminates any need for fear, so you can cut faster and with more precision. Thanks to the grippy material, it will also help you to hold food in one place without it rolling, sliding or slipping to make chopping more difficult.

How To Use It

Incredibly simple to operate, this guard will provide reliable protection each time you use a knife. Once in place, there's almost no chance of injury, so you'll be able to cut quickly and accurately, and without any fear of accidental slippage. Fruits and veggies will be gripped tightly and secured to prevent movement, so you'll be able to chop faster and with more uniform results. Follow the steps and tips below to ensure proper function and maximum value.
  1. The front side is rigid, and the back side is soft and flexible. There are two pockets at the rear, one for your index finger, and one for your thumb. To begin, place it on your non-dominant hand so that your thumb is in one hole, and your index finger is in the other.
  2. Always cut on a cutting board or similar surface to protect counter tops from damage.
  3. Once you have it on, use it to grip the vegetable you want to cut. Little bumps on the flexible grip will prevent sliding, and a wide range of adjustment allows it to adapt to any food.
  4. Once you have a firm grip, take your knife in your dominant hand and begin to slice.
  5. While cutting, the knife can come as close to the guard as you like, and you can even use it as a guide by slightly resting the knife against it.
  6. The guard moves naturally with your hand motions, so re-positioning is just as easy with it on as it would be with it off.
  7. Continue slicing right up to the last bit without any worry.
  8. When dirty, hand wash for best results.

Stop worrying about severed fingers, but don't force yourself to use expensive machines each time you need something sliced. This simple and effective device will allow you to cook without anxiety, and it will improve your finished product too. When you don't have to worry about those pesky phalanges getting in the way or your razor sharp blade, you'll be able to move faster, and make thinner slices when necessary. Impress friends and family with your skills in the kitchen, and avoid the awkward conversation that would result from eating in front of them with bandages all over your hands.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) safe slice knife guard
Dimensions 4.25" x 1.5" x 7.18"
Uses Prevent injury and improve results when slicing food by hand.
Color Varies: pink, purple or green (Selection is random. If you prefer one over the other, request color choice at checkout.)
Front Material super sturdy plastic
Back Material Flexible TPR
Non-Slip Grip Yes
Adaptable Yes. Easily open or close to fit any food.
Compatibility Left or right handed. Finger grips flex to fit any size finger. Perfect for children and adults alike.
Dishwasher Safe No. Hand wash for best results.
Shipping Weight .5 lbs

Never worry about slipping and slicing again. Your fingers will thank you when you put this on before you use a knife to cut by hand. Adaptable to anyone's hand, and flexible enough o work with any type of food. Order Yours Today!

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