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Garlic Peeler - A flexible rubber tube that makes it easy to peel fresh garlic.

Garlic Peeler

A Flexible Tube That Makes Peeling Cloves Fast & Easy
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Product Description

If you avoid cooking with fresh garlic due to the possibility of having stinky or sticky hands for the rest of the day, then this product is for you. It's quite simple in design, but it easily solves this common problem and speeds up the process at the same time. You will find this one to be the same quality as versions that cost three or four times as much, so why pay more? Instead of picking and peeling with your fingers, or pulling some magical maneuver with a knife, this flexible tube offers a simple and effective way to take the peel off any clove of garlic. It doesn't require any skill or special technique, and most people will master it's operation with just a single use. When used to peel one or more cloves of garlic, this handy tool makes the job frustration-free, and it also helps to reduce time and effort. Stop avoiding the wonderful taste of fresh garlic, and don't prep another meal by picking away at the skin. Get this affordable tool, and always be prepared with a fast, easy and clean way to peel.

How To Use It

Using this garlic peeler could not be easier. It simplifies a commonly annoying task, and greatly reduces the time and effort it takes. You can skin a single clove, or you can do several at once. The flexible, rubber-like tube is large enough to peel several cloves at a time, but is small enough to work well with just one also. The small size and flexible material make it easy to operate, but also allows it to compact for storage in a drawer without adding to the clutter.
  1. In order to start peeling garlic, simply toss in any number of cloves.
  2. It's important to make sure you are working on a flat, sturdy surface, but other than that, the technique is quite easy to master.
  3. Use slight downward pressure, and roll back and forth until you hear the peel crunch and separate from the clove.
  4. Now simply tip the tube to allow the perfectly peeled pieces to drop out, while most of the peel remains inside the tube.
  5. When the peeling is finished, just rinse it under the faucet to release any stubborn peels and then hand wash, or toss in the dishwasher for cleaning.

This easy to use tool makes a great gift, and is the perfect addition to any kitchen that doesn't have one. It comes as bonus item when you purchase the Ceramic Garlic Grater we also carry, so check out that set if you are interested in mincing your garlic to a paste, or using it to prepare fresh oil dips. When you use this little tube, you eliminate any possibility of your hands getting contaminated because you never have to touch the clove, or pick at it with your fingers. The whole task will take less time, and less effort, so you will do it more often. The result will be fresher, more flavorful food without any additional effort or skill. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) garlic peeler (flexible tube)
Dimensions 5.25" x 2"
Uses Peeling cloves of garlic quickly, easily and without touching it.
Color Blue
Material Food Safe Rubber (A flexible, silicone-like material)
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shipping Weight .3 lbs

The quickest way to peel cloves of garlic is also the ideal way to keep sticky and stinky garlic juice off your hands. Quickly roll off the skin with no picking necessary. Order Yours Today!

Product Reviews

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5 out of 5
Garlic Peeler
Already have one and purchased two more for my daughters. These are excellent peelers and wouldn't attempt to peel garlic without one!
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
Colorado Springs
Great! Thanks!
Reviewed by: on
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4 out of 5
Garlic peeler
Bought it as gifts I have another brand I use Seems a bit larger than expected
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
I love this peeler. It makes the job so much easier.
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
Where have you been all my life?
Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot believe how easy it is to peel garlic with this little tube. When I think about all the time I've spent meticulously peeling garlic before this, it's even more amazing. Simple put the garlic in, rub it with a little pressure on the counter a few times and it's done.
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
Garlic Peeler
I must have peeled a dozen or more just to see it work!! No kitchen should be without this niffty gadget!!! I paid A LOT MORE FOR MINE...will order from you now...ANY OTHER COLOR BESIDES BLUE?
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
Wonderful product. I ordered two and gave one to a family member. Great Product. Great Price and Great service . It arrived ahead of schedule.
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
garlic peeler
what a great simple item , you better patent it. Gave them away to family members they love it, why aren't they better advertized, they are a lot of garlic eaters in the world. I can peel alot of garlic in a few minutes
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
This thing is great
This was a present...been using one for years and couldn't find another anywhere. Of course it would be on this web site....should have looked here first. Thanks
Reviewed by: on
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5 out of 5
A must in every kitchen
If you do not own one you should. It removes the garlic skin by rolling the sleeve. If you purchase one at a kitchen store the cost is approximately $15.00. Great value. Gave as gifts.
Reviewed by: on
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Can I order in large quantities? If so what is the price for 500? I am looking for green and blue if possible? Also is there a way to add a logo on them? Thanks kindly, Stacey Bond Okotoks Orthodontics
Asked by:  on 2/25/2014
We can fill any size order, and at 500 pcs, the discount would be significant. Blue is the only color available at this time, so green is not an option. It may be possible to add a logo, but that's not something we are set up to do for this product. For an exact quote please give us a call.
Answer provided by: on 3/6/2014
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