Cord Clipper

Large Cord Clamp. The Quick & Easy Way To Keep Cords Organized.
Cord Clipper - Cord organization clamp
Cord Clipper - Cord organization clamp
Great for keeping extension cords organized when not in use.
Stand the clamp upright on flat surfaces.
No more tangled cords on irons, blow dryers, blenders and more.
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Product Description

Cord Clipper is a quick and easy way to organize the corded appliances in your home, office, garage or tool shed. This sturdy plastic clamp holds tightly to bundled cords in order to keep them neat and organized when not in use. It is perfect for using in the kitchen or bathroom for small appliances, or out in the garage for power tools and extension cords. Take a couple into your office to straighten up the tangled mess of cords around your computer desk too. Cord Clipper features a unique design that allows for one handed operation, yet remains incredibly sturdy and secure. There are four different size adjustments to allow this clip to tighten in order to hold different size cord bundles. It is able to sit upright on flat surfaces so it really gives an organized look when holding your cords in place. This great little device ensures that all of your cords will be neat, untangled and ready to go when you need to use them.

Just bundle up a cord and then clamp on a Cord Clipper to keep it from unraveling or making a mess. Use several to tidy up the cords behind your entertainment center, or use just a single clip to keep the cord on your hair dryer wound neatly for storage. You can even use a single clip to keep bundles of Christmas lights and other similar items organized for storage too. The Cord Clipper is great for keeping cords secure for space saving storage, but it can also be used to keep cords out of the way when working with power tools. Unravel just the amount of cord you need to do the job, and keep the rest in a nice neat roll. This will prevent injury and accidents while making your job quicker and easier to perform.

This is the large size clip. It is ideal for thicker or longer cords that will result in larger bundles. Use it for extension cords and other heavy duty wires. For shorter and thinner cords, check out the small size clip called the Cord Clipster. It is more suited for smaller bundles since it is able to close to a smaller size. This simple little device is an incredible help when it comes to keeping cords organized, and it will make your space more tidy and less cluttered with cords and wires. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) cord clamp organizer
Dimensions 3.25" x 2.25" x 2.625"
Uses keeps cords secure and organized
Color Varies
Material super sturdy plastic
One Hand Operation Yes
Sits upright on flat surface Yes
Shipping Weight .25 lbs.
Cord Clipper - An easy way to keep all of your cords organized. This quick release clamp will securely hold all kinds of cords to keep small appliances and other devices neat while being stored.

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